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  • Lyle MacLachlan (Thursday, February 09 17 12:19 am EST)

    i enjoyed the 2006 magazine you have under your media section. i ended up w/ one of your support shirts and decided to do my homework. Do you mind if i wear it? i will not dishonor it. Or tell anyone that I am any way associated. I just believe in the support of M/C clubs. i am based in Subic.

  • Larry Leasure (Saturday, January 28 17 09:09 pm EST)

    Hello, looking the join MC here in the Philippines, would like to know more about your unit.
    Thank you,
    Larry Leasure

  • Yosemite (Sunday, January 08 17 09:13 pm EST)

    Was looking at old pictures of the club Back in town would like to see some members. Miss old times. I've been on the road. Yosemite is back.

  • Yosemite (Sunday, January 08 17 09:02 pm EST)

    Would Iike to reach out to Roy chapter. Back in town. Been on the road. Yosemite is in town. Want to talk to old friends. Was looking at old club pictures. It took me the long way around.

  • Marc Lamontagne (Monday, December 05 16 08:51 pm EST)

    To all the members in Korea and Imjin chapters, thanks for the opportunity and allowing me to hang, party and most of all learn from 2009-2015. Great memories even of the rough times I had. Much love and Respect! I SUPPORT AMERICAN STEEL!!!

  • BoneHead (Friday, September 09 16 01:52 am EDT)

    Shout out to all the Steelers World Wide from your friends in Bama!

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